Rawlson Racing was set up by Guy Sheppard to continue the historic Rawlson name, established in the late 1960’s by Mike Rawlings and Guys’ father, Barry Sheppard. Mike left to set up other business interests while over a 30 year period Barry continued to be a leading factor in the composite’s and automotive industries amongst others, Rawlson built many sports and racing cars, and has been involved in the pinnacle of composite manufacturing.

In 2001, Guy Sheppard began his motorsport career, working on a Tyrell 012 F1 car. Whilst studying for his BEng Hons in Motorsport Engineering and Automotive Design, Guy worked throughout his degree for David Piper. Gaining vast experience of classic sports racing cars and motorsport in general.

With David Piper and his Ford F3L at Spa in 2004

 Over a 10 year period, Guy has continued to work with David Piper, being a valued member of the team, he has been involved in many prestigious events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revivals, Le Mans Classic and winning the Classic Endurance Racing series in 2004 with Juan Barizi’s Porsche 917-021. He still maintains a good working relationship with David, offering his services to the team at events when he can.

 After university, Guy began a career as an Engineering Consultant, giving him a wide range of Design Engineering skills, allowing Rawlson Racing to provide a complete product, from design to part engineering service.

Guy has experience in race winning, preparing and developing cars, having driven and developed a number of his own and customer racing cars with fantastic results, wins and fastest laps for himself and customers.

Racing the unique 1967 Nomad Mk1

Guy in his 750 Formula ADR 3 GS at Cadwell Park