March 708 FF1600

Another winter project at Rawlson Racing was the March 708 FF1600.

The car came as a part completed project from the customer. We finished the body fitment, paint, suspension mounting, dampers amongst other parts.We had to custom make the exhaust manifold for the chassis as this was missing. Again the customer and ourselves were pleased with the outcome.

Elva mk1b Rebuild

We have had the privilege of being asked by Roger Dunbar from Elva cars to rebuild their mk1b for its new owner. The car came as a rolling chassis, we have rebuilt the engine and brakes along with fitting out all new panels, wiring, plumbing and all the fiddly bits.

We are all very pleased with the outcome.

1950’s Buckler

At Rawlson Racing we were asked to rebuid a 1950’s Buckler mk15 prototype chassis that was in a very poor state. But our expertise and chassis table allowed a lovely new chassis to be built as per the original.The car was then fitted with all suspension components, panelled, and the engine and gearbox fitted.

Finally we fitted a fibre glass Mistral body to the chassis with all internal bulkheads created with traditional wood and GRP methods. Making a very light weight body that is easily removable for ease of maintenance.

The customer was over the moon with the outcome which will be seen on the hills once some rather fitting wire wheels are added.

2015/2016 Reynard rebuild.

Unfortunately 2015 started with an accident involving the Reynard SF77 run by Rawlson Racing. No problem as chassis repairs is what we excel in.

The chassis was stripped and clamped onto our flat chassis table for full repair with a new floor being fitted.

The engine was also refreshed at the same time.

Finally new body panels and suspension parts were fitted making the car better then pre accident condition.

2015 Radical SR3 Racing

In 2015 Rawlson Racing are proud to be running the Radical SR3 of Jason Rishover and the returning Formula Ford and F3 star Jamie Spence.

A pre season test at the Ascari Resort has proved the car and drivers are n the pace for the seasons Sprint and Enduro Cups.


Engine Rebuilds

We currently have many engine rebuilds under way for the 2015 season. Such as Cosworth MAE and Formula junior, plus a Sports 2000 Pinto.

Please enquire with Rawlson Racing if you require an engine refresh, development or new build.

Ex Martin Raymond Daren MK3

The Ex Martin Raymond Daren Mk 3 was brought into Rawlson Racing to have a fresh Cosworth FVC fitted. This included the making of engine mounts, fuel tank and system along with full plumbing and wiring harness custom made for the car. W\e hope the owner will finish the car and carry out some testing in early 2015.

Cooper Rebuilds

In 2014 Rawlson Racing refreshed two coopers. One being a T56 Formula Junior, which required new body sections to be fitted along with new wishbones and car set up. Some new front hubs and brake components had to be made to convert back to original drum brakes.

Cooper T56 rear wishbones made specifically for the correct suspension set up required.

Another Cooper this time a T72 F3 car was pulled out of long time storage to undergo preparation’s and checks for a test day. This included fabricating drive shaft safety centralisers and brake system overhaul along with a full car setup. We look forward to seeing the car out in 2015.


Tecno F3 1969


A great first year with Rawlson Racing for Geoff O’nion and his 1969 ec Mike Keens Tecno F3. Rawlson Racing changed the cars set up and with Guy Sheppard putting in some fast testing times proved the car was capable. Some words of encouragement and coaching from video footage for owner and driver Geoff O’nion ensured the car and driver were comfortably elevated up the results sheets for most of 2014.

The Car is now undergoing a full rebuild ready for the 2015 season.