Rawlson Racing Cars

Rawlson Racing Cars

Here is a brief history of the Rawlson cars.

CR6 1968/9 1 litre MAE ran Nurburgring 500 kms and Barcelona 6 hours in ’69

We have recently restored the CR6 for a customer which subsequently won its class on its return to racing.

CR7 as CR6 but with modified chassis and new body raced by Gerry Marshall in 1971 with 1600cc crossflow 2nd in class in Motoring News GT championship.


CR8 1971 2 litre car designed by Roger Parker with a version for the French Coupe Simca

CR10 1972 CanAm raced by David Saville-Peck with Traco-Oldsmobile engine

CR11 1973 2 litre group 6 raced by John Gillmeister with BDG in Interserie events

Sports 2000 1981 panelled tubular chassis raced in Thundersports as well as S2000


Imp special saloon – tubular frame and body unit supplied for existing subframes and engines – many lap records in 850cc by Fred Hendy

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